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Accelerate Growth by Consolidating Your Acquiring Services with Our Processing Expertise

As a financial institution, you hold a key role in merchants’ value chains. Unlock new growth opportunities for your acquiring services and your customers by partnering with a global payment architect, leveraging full-service processing solutions for any channel, any industry, and any region in the world.

Why Partner with Verifone?


We Help Retailers Across All Verticals

Choose the channel that suits you best: Online, In-Store, Omni 

Acquiring for Online Sales

Be flexible with your clients’ preferences and support them in selling more online. We offer intuitive, out-of-the-box (or programmed by the merchant) checkouts for website, app or marketplace sales. We also provide support for collecting payments via email or social media with our Pay-by-Link capability, or for MOTO (mail order, telephone order) transactions.


A Full Suite of Payment Methods Accepted

Merchants can do more when working with us and your business in partnership. We support them in accepting all their clients' favorite payment methods, like digital wallets or Buy Now, Pay Later options, and we tailor the checkout experience to their specific needs by using locally adapted flows and currencies.


Offload Payment Compliance Effort

Accepting online payments involves following the requirements and obligations set by the PCI DSS. By taking advantage of our Verifone Hosted Checkout solutions, merchants can greatly diminish the compliance work needed on their side. With our Hosted Checkout solutions and your acquiring expertise, online vendors set themselves up for revenue uplift paired with customer peace of mind.

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We can provide you with guidance, so you don’t have to navigate complex EMV requirements and certifications alone.

Do More with Value-added Payment Services
Gain complete control of your estate with end-to-end device management and diagnostics tools.
Let shoppers pay with their preferred payment methods.
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