Paying by phone with an Alternativ Payment Method on the Verifone Carbon Mobile 5 mobile payment device
Expanding payment acceptance

Advanced Payment Methods

Expanding and enriching the payment experience

  • Cross Border

    Tap into the global market with APMs that include location-based merchant discovery, digital coupons, ads and more that drive the consumer to you.
  • store front with a phone superimposed

    Payments Personalized

    Support payment methods that easily let shoppers pay using any method they choose, including digital wallets, crypto wallets, & mobile phone apps.
  • Split Payments

    Easily support larger ticket sales by offering your customers the flexibility of splitting payments over a period of time – fast, easy, convenient.
APM Overview
Clouds with advanced payment providers logos - Alipay, Klarna, PayPal, Venmo, WeChat, cryptocurrency acceptance

Enable advanced payment acceptance.

Advanced Payment Methods can be accepted on any Verifone Engage or Android payment device. QR codes are produced or accepted by the APM provider’s commerce application.  Certain changes to the merchants POS software will need to be implemented to support the APM transactional data. Once configured, any or all APMs can be accepted – Alipay, Klarna, PayPal, Venmo, WeChat, and cryptocurrencies!




Transactions are securely routed from the Verifone payment device through Verifone’s Cloud to the APM provider for authorization. Transaction authorizations are routed via Verifone’s Cloud back to the payment device to indicate that the transaction has been approved.  And, with Verifone monitoring all transactions according to stringent AML guidelines and our audited compliance process, any fraudulent activity is immediately reported – keeping merchants compliant and providing peace of mind.




Verifone reconciles all APM transactions, settling with our own transaction logs. Merchants can log into the APM portal at any time to view all transaction and settlement details. A consolidated report of settled transactions, across APM providers, provides for simple and easy financial management. Comprehensive, convenient, profitable and fully supported!



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*  Attract younger consumers and build a new customer base with social payments.

*  Consumers are not required to download a new app.

*  No cards or pre-approvals to apply or be approved for.

APMs by Verifone
Perfect for your customers, positive to your bottomline

Consumers are not required to download a new app.


No cards or pre-approvals to apply or be approved for.


One single integration for all, one single settlement.

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