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Customer-Centered Customer Support

Customer Support

Reliable support services with the power to do more.

  • Customer Focused

    Friendly and knowledgeable, our team of customer support representatives are ready to help when you need them.
  • Status View

    Know the status of your device order, repair order, or warranty status with a quick look into the services portal.
  • Support Tools

    Powerful tools that help you report, log and track issues as they progress towards resolution.
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Knowledgeable and reliable technical support, order insights, and tracking at your fingertips.”

Know where your device orders and repair orders are at any time of day. With access to the Verifone Support Portal, you can easily view the status – receipt, processed, repaired - as well as estimated shipping and delivery dates. Not sure if your device is still covered under Verifone’s device warranty? A quick check on the portal provides you the details you need in order to take next steps as it may relate to repair or replace.

Order Status

Repair Status

Warranty Status

Whether you need first, second or third level support, Verifone’s Help Desk services have you covered 24x7x365. With fast average-speed-to-answer times, supporting over 20 languages, you are in good hands. Benefit from our support team that can quickly diagnose your payment devices remotely and has direct access to our engineering staff when needed. Our Jira Service Desk gives you even more tools and information to report and track issues to completion.

Help Desk

Jira Service Desk

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