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Portables and Transportables


Find the right device for your business.

Our portable payment solutions deliver the extended coverage and flexibility needed to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Portables are designed for bustling environments, like restaurants and hotels, where drops and spills are common, as well as transit and outdoor retail where multiple wireless connectivity options are needed.

Made for your business needs

  • Purposeful design

    Compact yet powerful, designed to improve usability and comfort, while enhancing the POS user experience.
  • Customizable

    Attract and retain customers with value-added services, while generating new revenue opportunities with loyalty programs, Advanced Payment Methods and more.
  • Increase productivity

    Power-packed with performance so merchants can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal wait time.
Portables & Transportables
  • Verifone portable payment device


    The T650p is the latest in Verifone's Trinity family of Android payment devices.

  • V400m


    All-in-one connectivity enables absolute portability.

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