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Easy eCommerce Implementations

Verifone iFrame

Start accepting online payments today!

  • Flexible & Familiar

    Flexible and familiar, the iFrame payment solution makes it easy for merchants to integrate a payment flow without heavy development efforts. With iFrame-inherited customizations and design features, getting up and running couldn’t be easier!
  • Streamlined for Shoppers

    Your customers move effortlessly from their purchase selections to their checkout experience. A great solution with a smooth experience that increases customer satisfaction and helps increase conversion rates while keeping your brand visible throughout the transaction.
  • Simply Secure

    A secure frame where the business of managing payment data is handled on Verifone’s servers. Sensitive payment information doesn’t touch merchant servers - keeping your customers safe and your systems out of PCI DSS scope.
Flexible. Customizable. Secure.
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A quick payment integration that maximizes conversion rates.

The iFrame hosted checkout solution is an easy and familiar integration that supports your brand and optimizes the checkout experience. Simply request a checkout through Verifone’s API specifying your customizations and configuration parameters along the way.  Once submitted, you'll receive a link to then embed onto your site. The pre-built form is ready for customers to securely enter their payment details while Verifone safely manages the transactional data outside of your systems - saving you valuable time and money and keeping you outside of PCI & PA DSS scope. Powerful, insightful reporting tools make eCommerce management easy – and profitable! Perfect for small to medium business operators that have development talent onboard.

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Verifone’s iFrame solution helps merchants easily add secure payment functionality for online shoppers.

Safely grow your business with Verifone Solutions.

The iFrame hosted checkout solution is the most flexible of integration methods. It adds a streamlined checkout experience for shoppers and increased conversion rates for merchants!


Go beyond credit and debit and increase basket value! Let your customers pay with their preferred method of payment by accepting Advanced Payment Methods like Klarna, PayPal, Venmo and more.

Card Tokenization

Enable secure and simple omnichannel commerce by tokenizing sensitive card data. Tokenization keeps customers protected and reduces the scope and burden of PCI DSS compliance for merchants.

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